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Unlock Homeownership

With our rent to own financing solutions

Life's unexpected challenges can impact credit scores, but we understand. We're here to show you that getting the home you want is possible, even if your credit score has taken a hit. We'll help you secure your dream home while providing you with the support and tools to improve your credit and qualify for a mortgage with ease. 

Is Rent to Own the Right Option For you?

Navigating homeownership as an entrepreneur or self-employed individual can be tricky due to fluctuating incomes and unconventional financial documentation. Our rent-to-own program is tailored to understand the unique financial landscape of the self-employed. By prioritizing your current stability and future potential, rather than traditional metrics, our lease option paves the way for business owners like you to achieve the dream of homeownership. Your passion drives your success, let it drive you home too! 

Starting fresh in a new country is an exciting journey, and homeownership should be a reachable dream, regardless of how recently you've arrived. Our rent-to-own program is designed to support new immigrants, understanding that you might not have the typical financial or credit background local institutions seek. With our lease option, we prioritize your present capabilities and commitment, ensuring that your fresh start in this country includes the comfort and stability of a home. Embrace your new beginning and let us help you plant your roots. 

Taking the first step towards homeownership can be daunting, especially when faced with the challenge of a substantial down payment. Our rent-to-own program recognizes that not everyone has the means for a large upfront sum. With our flexible lease option, we provide a pathway to homeownership even if you're working with a limited initial budget. It's about making homes more accessible and dreams more achievable. Your aspirations shouldn't be limited by your current savings, and with us, they won't be. Let's unlock the doors to your future home together. 

Life's transitions, whether resulting from divorce or the loss of a partner, can bring financial complexities. Our rent-to-own program is designed with empathy, understanding the unique challenges faced during these times. We believe that securing a stable and comforting home environment should be attainable despite life's unpredictabilities. With our lease option, we focus on your present circumstances and future possibilities, rather than past difficulties. Through every chapter of life, we're here to support and provide a foundation for new beginnings. Let us help guide your next steps toward homeownership.

The Process

simple step process to renting your home and then buying your home

Easy Application: Start by submitting a hassle-free application that covers your employment, income, and credit details. We want to understand your current situation to tailor our assistance just for you.  

Financial Harmony: Cruise through a smooth journey with a credit check, proof of steady income, and financial agreements. This step sets the tone for your success! You will work with one of our licensed professionals every step of the way ,as a crafted personalized path to homeownership is created for you. 

Agreement Bliss: In this step you agree to the future purchase price of your home. There are no surprises, you know exactly how much you will purchase your home for at the end of this program. Next step....House shopping. You will then sign your lease agreement which covers rent specifics, maintenance duties, and other essential terms in a clear and understandable manner

Path to Homeownership: Watch your regular rent payments transform into a pathway to ownership. As you enjoy your home, each payment contributes toward the purchase price. When the lease concludes, you have the option to buy, seamlessly transitioning into the standard home buying process.

Still Have Questions? Speak With One Of Our Lease to Own Specialists - Book Your Free Consultation

Why Choose us??

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At You Rent You Own, we're on a mission to turn your homeownership dreams into reality within just 2 to 4 years! We get it; this program might not be the perfect fit for everyone, and we won't waste your time if it isn't. Rest assured, your best interests are our priority! Even if this program doesn't align with your needs, I guarantee you'll gain valuable insights during the initial stages. Let's embark on this journey together and make your homeownership aspirations shine!

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Transparency is at the core of our values. We believe in open and honest communication throughout the entire process. From the initial assessment to the final steps of the program, you can trust that we will provide clear information, realistic expectations, and upfront details. No surprises, just a straightforward and transparent journey towards owning your own home.

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Beyond just facilitating the rent-to-own process, we are committed to empowering you with financial knowledge. Our program includes educational resources and expert advice from a professional on credit improvement, budgeting, and financial planning. We believe that informed decisions lead to successful outcomes, and we are dedicated to supporting your financial literacy and long-term success.

Step to show we will help you in rent to own

We are committed to your long-term success. Our program is designed not only to meet your current housing needs but also to set you on a path to financial independence. We provide ongoing support, resources, and expert guidance to ensure that your journey towards homeownership is not just a step but a transformative experience. Choose You Rent You Own for a program that invests in your future success.

Moving Day
"Im really glad I followed this program, thank you for helping me and my family!"

Mark Kulick, AB

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